Special thank you to our Saline County State’s Attorney, Molly Wilson Kaiser, and Sheriff Johnson for taking time out of their busy schedules to meet with our CEO students last week!

They each shared about their personal journey, current position, and how they work with the Saline County Board. They described their roles similar to running a business as they have budgets to adhere to and employees who report to them.

Here were some additional thoughts from our CEO students in their journals this week:

“I am very glad these two individuals work together to make our community a better place.”

“Hearing their day to day life really makes you think more into depth of what they have to deal with.”

“Both of these individuals were passionate about law enforcement and you could tell they truly cared about the work they were doing in the county and for us.”

Thank you again Molly and Sheriff Johnson! You made quite an impact on our students last week! We truly appreciate your service and all you do for Saline County!

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