Thanks again to everyone who tuned into last night’s CEO Trade Show! This year the following new businesses were featured:

”The Cookie Scoop Bakery” by Nia Sternberg

“Whiting’s Line Drive" by Abby Whiting

“Lensation Photography” by Abbey Zertuche

“Cutting Edge Riding Lessons” by Hannah Jackson

“Fireborn Handmade” by McKenzie Newsome

“SL Leatherworks” by Savanna Haney

The annual trade show was a representation of what these young people have been working on all year as they have, from concept to reality, built their own operating businesses.

If you happened to miss their live videos, they will remain on our page for future viewing. We would love for you to check them out!

We appreciate your continued support of our students and program!


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Saline County CEO Calendar
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