Our CEO students have completed this year’s initial project called “1 to 100!”

You may remember, they were each given $1 and had two weeks to turn it into $100. By design, news of this project initially caused a moment of pause. The students were up for the challenge though!

Here are the project ideas our students came up with to raise $100. Note: They only were able to use their $1 to buy materials to get started or use materials they already had on hand or that were free.

1 to 100 Projects:
•Car wash and detailing
•Homemade cinnamon roll sales
•DIY pallet wood planter sales (using free pallet wood from Rural King)
•DIY bombs and dishwasher pod sales
•Creative and custom painting sales
•Homemade cookie sales (electronically through vouchers)
•DIY seasonal face mask sales
•Handmade cedar candle holder set sales
•Resale of clothing and DIY sugar scrub sales

Nearly all of our students raised their $100 and a few far exceeded their initial goal! Sales are still coming in and the few that didn’t quite make it to $100 are hoping to meet their goal early next week.

Some of the lessons our students learned were:

•Start early as you never know what obscales may arise
•Keep accurate and electronic records
•Target prospective customers and have a backup list as well
•Consider drop off or meeting arrangements in advance
•Social media is a great marketing tool, but so is word of mouth and door-to-door sales
•Have patience
•Advertising is key
•Consider ways to be better organized
•Have a backup plan

The goal of this project was to encourage creative thinking and to push our students outside of their comfort zones! They learned so many valuable life lessons through this project!! Actually, some of our students enjoyed this challenge so much that they plan to further develop their idea into a real business next spring.

Please join me in congratulating our CEO students on a job well done!


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